About NoLu


Our Story

Being a mother of 2, I have found it of uttermost importance, that the clothes my children are wearing are not just fun, bright and colourful. But that they live up to my expectations about how children’s clothes should function, look and feel.

In my experience, children are constantly on the move. From the baby who starts sucking their feet to the toddler who is climbing everywhere, onto the young child who rides their bike at the highest speed possible. These physical adventures demands a certain type of clothing, the kind that allows children to move around with minimal restrictions, the type of clothing allowing children to be children. 

NoLu provides quality kids wear, that allows children to be active and the clothes will stand the test of durability. The beautiful designs is what children would choose, the ethical origin of the clothes is what parents will choose for their children.

So who is NoLu? A Scandi/Brit family, consisting of Swainy, Tanja, Nova and Luna. We love colours, being comfortable, having fun and taking care of each other. 

Tanja x