Why Organic?

There are now many options for buying organic clothes – what’s not to love about that?  Not only is organic clothing considerate of nature and our environment, but it also considers all those people producing the clothes. And don’t forget our children and us; we are standing at the very end, benefitting from a cleaner and much healthier choice –who wouldn’t want to spare their children from chemicals and pesticides? –For me the choice is easy.

 Organic clothing has been produced using natural colours that don’t harm your child’s skin. It has been produced in an environmental friendly way, avoiding harmful pesticides and colours going into our nature.

There are no chemicals in organic clothing, chemicals can make skin itch, blotch and cause allergy. By buying organic clothing, you help take care of the people working in the factories producing the clothes as well as looking after your own children.

 At NoLu’s we have a large range of organic clothing. Most of the clothes that you find in the shop will have the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate that way you can easily see which items are certified organic.

We pride ourselves in believing in organic produced clothes as an important step in taking care of the world, each other and our children.


Oeko-tex, Standard 100

The Oeko-tex Standard 100 label indicates that the clothes has been tested for harmful substances in the finished product. We are all becoming more and more sensitive, eczema seems to be a common struggle for many families with younger children. Oeko-tex Standard 100 test for harmful and allergenic substances such as formaldehyde, nickel or phthalates, all components in a product will be harmless in order to pass the Oeko-tex criteria.