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Lucky Bags

Lucky Bags

NoLu Nordic Kidswear
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NoLu are offering Lucky Bags for a limited time only. A Lucky Bag can contain any surprice items available from the shop (including shoes, socks, hats etc) from all seasons. Please note that they may contain items with dual size. They come in 3 different sizes, and the amount of items will reflect the price of the bag. 


Small = Price £25 (RRP min £35) 

Medium = Price £40 (RRP min £60)

Large = Price £60 (RRP min £85)

The girls option can contain dresses/skirts/tights.


The Lucky Bags option can end at any moment. 


The Lucky Bags can only be returned as a full bundle, we do not except returns of single items from the Lucky Bag (please update yourself on our return policy here). 


Please provide any relevant information, add a note to you order regarding pottytrained, foot size -if you are purchasing for current size or it is a stash. All information help create the best bag for you. 

Lucky bags will be sent out 4-5 days after order is made. This is due to the time it takes creating the best Lucky Bag for you.