NoLu Account and Points


It is possible to create an account with NoLu. Having an account gives you the option to keep an overview of your purchases and store your information for quick and easy checkout. You will furthermore have the benefit from NoLu points. These will all be active via your account. You are responsible to update your address on the account to make sure it is the correct address for delivering your purchases. 

Inactive accounts will be deleted without warning. Has there been no purchases via the website for 12 months, the account will be deleted. A new account can be created, benefits earned at an earlier stage will be erased and can not be reimbursed. 

Accounts created with no purchases will be deleted after 3 months. Have you created an account, but never earned any points via purchases or by other way - the account will be deleted without warning. If you wish to create an account again, then this will always be an option. The same email and/or password can be used when creating a new account. 
This is to insure that inactive accounts are not passively being stored on the NoLu server. 

NoLu Points

By creating an account with NoLu you can earn loyalty points with your purchases. For each £1 you spend on full price items, you will earn 1 point. These are available on all products, except discounted products. After a certain amount of points, you can redeem your reward and you will be given a discount code which provide you with a one time reduction on an order. You can choose to redeem your points at any time. When you exchange your points for a voucher code, the points are permanently taken off your account. You will earn new points with your future purchases on the website. Voucher codes has no expire date and can be used as and when you wish. Only 1 voucher code can be used per purchase. Voucher codes can not be used on payment plans or with any other discount codes. 

It is not possible to earn NoLu points on direct order made via the Facebook group NoLu Treats.

Voucher Codes

Voucher codes can not be exchanged for cash amounts. Should you return an item/s where you have used the voucher code to pay, you will only receive a refund equivalent to the actual amount you have paid for the item. 

Should an item be returned, the amount of NoLu Points earned on the purchase will be deducted from the account. 

Redeemed and used voucher codes will not be re-instated if items are returned. 

The NoLu points can't be used on postage, if the voucher code brings the order below the free postage limit postage will be added to the order. Nor can you earn NoLu points on the postage you may pay with any orders you make. 

If you choose to use the discount code on an order with a smaller total amount than the code value, you will loose the remaining value on the voucher code. 

Voucher codes can be cancelled at any time with no warning.