Instalments T&C

If you are interested in purchasing items from the website and pay in instalments, we do offer this option. Please make sure your read the terms of paying for your goods in instalment via a Payment Plan. 

The Payment Plan will have a 30-90 days payment frame, you will receive a PayPal invoice with the option of paying smaller amounts when it suits you. This way, you can still get your favourite items, but let the payments fit into your life. Once the full amount has been payed, we will send you the item/s. 

 The first payment will be 20% of the total price, this will be treated as a NON REFUNDABLE deposit.

Please note, that if you do not make the final payment in time, you can lose your right to purchase the item/s and the deposit paid on the first instalment will not be refunded. Has any other instalments been paid, the amount will be refunded to you within 30 days. 

​Use the code SOON2BMINE at the checkout, the code will deduct 80% of your purchase. Using the code, you agree to the terms of purchasing items via instalments and acknowledge that the deducted 80% will be paid via invoice within the set timeframe. If you have a desired timeframe for the payment plan please leave a note at the checkout. The remaining 20% will act as a non refundable deposit. 

If you choose to cancel parts of the payment plan, the 20% deposit paid on those items will not be refunded.  

If you fail to make the full payments and refrain from contacting NoLu you will loose your right to use the Payment Plan option at any future purchases. Your request to use payment Plans going forward will be cancelled without warning. 

Purchasing items using a payment plan excludes the option of earning NoLu points on the entire order. Only the initial non refundable deposit will be credited in loyalty points. 

The instalment plan is set up via PayPal payment, please make sure you provide an email at the check out. The PayPal invoice can be paid via card or Paypal funds.

The price on the payment plan is final regardless of items going in the sale or being discounted in any way before the payment plan has been paid in full. 

No other discount codes can be used with Payment Plans. 

You can return your items purchased up to 14 days after receiving them. The return policy provides relevant information for returning goods. In case of manufactoring errors on one/several products the non refundable deposit will be refunded. For all other reasons, items returned within 14 days purchased using the Payment Plan method will not be refunded the initial deposit paid. 

 All Instalments order will be sent 2nd class with Royal Mail.