Conduct of Sale

NoLu has full control of the conduct of all auction sales. This means that in particular, we may do any of the following without giving any reason: 

  1. Reject any bid or refuse to accept any bid from any person; 
  2. Withdraw, divide or consolidate any lots offered for auction at any time; 
  3. Offer or withdraw a reserve price; 
  4. Determine any dispute about which is the final bid or whether an auction has concluded and if so at what price; 
  5. End any auction at any time without warning

There will be a fixed minimum bid for all auctions of £1, this is understood on all auctions running. All auctions will have a starting price.

It will be possible to buy any item at full price at any time during a running auction. If an item is sold at full price, the auction will end and all bids will be cancelled. 

Whether or not any bid is successful is entirely at the discretion of NoLu and we shall be entitled to resolve any and all disputes. In such an event, we may immediately determine the dispute or put up the lot again for a new auction round.

Subject to the preceding discretion, the bidder offering the highest price shall become the Buyer of any item offered for sale at an auction. All prices include VAT where applicable. 

Bids can only be made via the website using the 'Bid Now' button. 

Items purchased from the auction section after the auction has ended will be cancelled. 


Only customers signed up for a NoLu account will be able to partake in auctions. The auctions is an option only for NoLu account holders. It is easy to sign up for an account and it is a requirement to make any bids to be signed in to your NoLu account. To create an account, please sign up here. Have you already created an account with NoLu, please make sure all your information is up to date as the address on the account will be used for shipping. You will earn NoLu points on all purchases via auction. 

It is not possible to combine any discount codes or payment plan codes with auction wins.  

There is full anonymity on all auctions. Name/email or other identifaction will not be visible. 

After the Sale Ends

All customers must settle their invoices within 24 hours of an auction ending.

Failure to settle any invoice will result in the items being re-listed and the invoice cancelled. Failure to pay the invoice can result in cancellation of all future bids on any auction without warning.


After purchase

The winner of the auction will be contacted directly via email. If the winner is live on the website when the auction ends, it will be possible for the winner to checkout instantly. If the winner is not live at the end of the auction an email with the invoice link will be sent via email. 

The Buyer must pay the balance of the purchase price. This must be paid by PayPal or card no later than 24h after the auction has ended. 

VAT is applicable on all adult wear and will be included in the final price, there will be no extra charges of any kind. 

The buyer is responsible for paying for the goods, should the invoice not be received the buyer must contact NoLu directly as soon as possible to settle the auction. 

If the Buyer fails to comply with terms and conditions for this auction the lot shall be resold by auction. 



There is an option for full return on all items, please read the standard return policy here which applies to all sales via the NoLu website including all auctions. 



Once the buyer has paid the purchase price the items will be shipped according to the standard shipping arrangements. Please find all information about shipping when shopping with NoLu here.